"I almost turned back around
mid-moving on and I almost
decided healing wasn’t worth it after all.
I almost pulled that small war out of the drain
I washed it down
just so I could have something
to fight for again.
It doesn’t work like that.
You can’t become brave just to decide
you weren’t made for it.
Because what else were you made for?
You loved someone until you weren’t
a coward anymore
and you never learned how to stop.
You danced at the wrong parties
and kissed mouths that couldn’t swallow
down your Friday night blues the right way.
You told forgiveness you were sorry,
and it never bothered calling back.
Maybe we were all made for more than this.
Maybe there’s still time to change the punchline
until it turns into one that won’t knock us down.
You’re nodding your head,
but you’re not changing your mind
the way you should be.
Here’s to a revolution.
May we be brave enough for it.
May it be ready for us."


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Yes yes yes. Thank you, I needed this. A tiny part of me lately has wanted to miss him and that’s not okay.

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(via hipsterkunt)

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This was beautiful

I thought this was going to be a cheesy “you’re my other half post. But this was awesome.

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"I just wanna make out with you and cuddle in comfy clothes watching movies and idk maybe put my hand down your underwear or whatever."

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Thanx to fucking irresponsible people q lo w hacen es fucking joderte la vida! Q chevere es olvidarse de sus responsabilidades y q sea esta sangana la q se tiene q joder. Todo el mundo saca su culito y todo el mundo se lava las manos!!!! Y mas chevere es cuando es tu propia fucking familia, really fucking close family!!!! Well fuck them all!!!! From now on everything is gonna be for my baby girl, my boy abd me!!!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!